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Equine Assisted Learning
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Horses Help Heal

Let horses be your guide to Connection, Confidence & Joy

We think everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  We know horses can help in that journey.  
Our program will help you learn to be mindful and calm, have empathy and set boundaries, become connected to yourself and nature.
Learn who YOU can be!

horse therapy helps a wide array of kids with special needs

Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy includes activities such as observing, handling, grooming, and interacting with horses.

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy helps develop life skills, coping mechanisms, and personal insight – right here on our ranch! We use animals to help make connections and develop a sense of self.  Horses provide immediate feedback that we can use as a learning experience.

Studies show that working with horses in a safe, structured, and mindful environment decreases stress, can improve judgement, and help with social skills and behavior.

Alma Vida Horse Ranch offers group and one-on-one healing sessions with horses.

children of all ages benefit from equine therapy

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy holds space for our clients to create their own story with the herd.  We believe that you have the power to discover your own answers with the help of the herd.

Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy can give you a new tool for making progress in your journey to having a happy, healthy, rewarding life.

Working with horses requires courage, patience, and empathy.  It’s easy to develop a bond with them and want to succeed in order to communicate with them and have a relationship.  But working with horses isn’t straight-forward.  You must develop certain skills to gain their trust and affection.


Equine Assisted Therapy

Provides Emotional Transformation

Working with horses strengthens our emotional intelligence, meaning horses help us focus on, and develop, specific skills such as setting boundaries, improving confidence, team-work, eliminating self-doubt, improving anxiety, and stepping into our personal truth. 


help your child with anxiety, developmental delays, phsycially challenged with equine therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy

Provides Emotional Transformation

Working with horses requires courage, patience, and empathy.  It’s easy to develop a bond with them and want to succeed in order to communicate with them and have a relationship.  But working with horses isn’t straight-forward.  You must develop certain skills to gain their trust and affection.


help your child with anxiety, developmental delays, phsycially challenged with equine therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy

Gives You Increased Connection

Working with horses helps you learn how to build relationships without a lot of verbal communication. It helps make you aware of how you are feeling and how others are feeling. This is a fundamental building block to having happy and healthy relationships.


Equine Assisted Therapy

Helps You Stay Present

Horses are tuned into the natural rhythms of life and can help you learn to stay present and find healing through nature.  The way horses communicate requires you to be calm and fully engaged. This mindfulness can help rewire your sensory connections and give you a place of happiness to take with you into everyday life.  

When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.

Find a Safe Space for Major Transformation

Alma Vida Ranch
Can Help Anyone Make a Positive Change in Their Life

We have experience holding space for major transformation in your life.  Horses can help you expand your self-awareness and grow in new directions.  Our equine programs help people with an array of challenges.

teen finding mental health through equine therapy


Regardless of abilities or age, kids can learn connection, impulse control, responsibility, and empathy.


Horses offer a judgement-free zone where you can interact without critique and learn to grow by learning what works with the horse.


Through meditation, breathwork, and sensory activation we can help you reduce anxiety, stress, and find a journey in self-awareness and growth.
Start a New Journey

Being with Horses Teaches You Things No Person Can

Perfection isn’t attainable if you are a human being, yet so many of us strive for and ache for perfection… Perfect relationships, perfect family, perfect Instagram aesthetic, perfect rides, etc.

Your quest for perfection will leave you feeling like an alien in this imperfect world. Thankfully horses are here to help. 

Horses only know how to show up as a horse. They have bad days. They miss the mark at times no matter how much training we put into them. They slobber all over your new hoodie and embarrass you when you try to show off your riding skills…

Yet, horses still show up in our every day lives unapologetically and with grace. They love us still when we make mistakes. They love us still when we rush through tacking up. They love us still when we are imperfect. 

Horses, our four legged healers, are here to remind us that we can live with joy, grace, exuberance, and…imperfections all together to create one beautiful, sloppy, awesome concoction that we call life. 🌌

Safety isn't the absence of threat, it is the presence of connection.

boy finding peace and calm through egala therapy
boy with special needs developing motor skills on horses
senior woman finding purpose with horses

Did You Know?

Horses have special abilities to help us tune-in to our natural selves.

match your heart beat with your horse

Horses can influence people in a positive way simply by being in their presence. Horses can hear the human heartbeat within four feet and research shows that horses have an incredible ability to synchronize their own heartbeat to our own.

Horses help humans drop into a coherent heart state.  Being in a state of heart coherence helps our overall well-being by elevating our emotions.

Even just sitting quietly with the horse seems sufficient to create heart coherence.

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Find Connection, Confidence & Joy

Alma Vida Horse Ranch offers private and group sessions. Equine learning and therapy can be especially helpful because horses are innately sensitive to emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and body language and mirror back your own energy and actions.
When you come to Alma Vida Horse Ranch, you will work with specialized equine facilitators.  We will help make all of your interactions with the horses safe, positive, and rewarding. 

beautiful egala trained horse

Alma Vida Horse Ranch

Has the Best horses

& People!!

We have horses specifically chosen for their ability to work in a therapeutic setting.  

egalla certified horse specialist


EAGALA Certified

Kaity has been working with horses her entire life and understands what a gift they can be to everyone wanting to live a full and happy life.

egala certified therapy horse


Holsteiner Cross

Pave is 16 hands and all love.  She is the horse that will accept you, love you, and allow you the space to grow and develop.

beautiful therapy horse


Thoroughbred Cross

Mirabel is sweet but sensitive.  She will always be kind, but is quick to mirror back your behavior.  She is an excellent guide for self-discovery.

Shetland pony smile face helping children with mental health

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Hear personal stories about how horses have transformed people’s lives, including testimonials from celebrities like Randy Travis, Tanya Tucker, Jill Rappaport, Riley Smith and more through Horses for Mental Health foundation.

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